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You Won’t Believe How Many Maltese People Do Not Eat Vegetables Every Day… Or Maybe You Will

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For a nation with such strong farming roots, it’s pretty sad to see how little the Maltese people are interested in eating vegetables.

A new study by Eurostat has found that there’s a tremendous variation between European countries when it comes to eating a vegetable every day, with Malta coming in at the lower end.

Just 51% of Maltese people said they ate some form of vegetable daily back in 2017

The list was topped by Ireland, with 84% of the population saying they ate vegetables daily, while Hungary came in at the very bottom, with just 30% of the country consuming a vegetable every day.

So yeah; nearly half of Malta does not eat vegetables every day

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But when it comes to eating fruits, Malta did way better

In absolute contrast, 70% of Maltese people said they eat fruit every day, making Malta the sixth most fruit-friendly country in the EU.

Italy came in at the top of this list, with 85% of Italians consuming fruits daily, while Latvia came in at the bottom, with just 35% saying they eat some fruit every day.

Fruit Consumption 2017

“We can do so much more to promote Maltese produce” – Peter Agius

PN MEP candidate Peter Agius, who has been working to promote Maltese farmer’s products, was not surprised by the latest statistics.

“Malta has one of the highest levels of obesity, and according to a recent survey in the Times of Malta, stress among the Maltese is on the rise, with 6% of the population stressed out,” he said.

“If we consumed more fruit and vegetables, we would firstly be promoting a better style of lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle, while also promoting local products,” he continued.

“As we know, some 70% of products we consume come from abroad, and this is leading to the elimination of the Maltese farmer, something that we will suffer from in the future, and something that makes us dependent on foreign produce, which is not necessarily as fresh as local products,” he said.


Maltese loquats

And though Maltese people might be moderately consuming fruit, Agius pointed out the inanity in buying foreign produce when there’s so much quality local produce

“It’s ridiculous that today people are buying imported loquats (naspli) when our Maltese trees in Maltese fields are overflowing with fresh and juicy loquats that are even better than those you get from abroad,” he ended.

Do you eat fruit and vegetables every day?

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