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Zest Is Still One Of The Best

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Malta is in the midst of a food revolution – we’ve seen such a massive leap in quality, variety and novelty in Malta’s food landscape, that we really have become spoilt for choice. 

Historically, eating out here been plagued by inconsistency. Good service and food rarely happened twice at the same place. So restaurant goers learnt to keep a handful of favourites which never let them down. Although this has mostly changed…there are a few safe-bets that still never disappoint.

Zest is one of them. It opened in 2002 as the first Asian fusion restaurant and it blew everyone away. It’s now over ten years since its opening, and with a brand new menu, it’s still the place you want to go if you’re looking to impress someone.

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Occasions Zest is perfect for:

  • Anniversary dinners where you need to impress (six-months one is ideal).
  • Graduation celebrations when daddy is paying.
  • Birthday meals when you and your friends want to feel fancy AF (they have awesome ‘suggested menus’ for this).
  • Entertaining important clients (they’ll cater to any dietary needs).

And more. If you’re lucky enough to get a table outside in summer/spring/autumn, it’s quite magical. Inside is decadent meets flashy.

They’ve just launched their new menu, and these are some of our favourites from their selection:

1. House Salmon

It’s a cold, smoked dish – tasty AF. The Thai spice rub is divinity. 


2. Mushroom Carpaccio

With soya, crispy quinoa and 24-month Parmigianno. Mushrooms should not come any other way. 

Mushroom Carpacio

3. Sushi

Did not disappoint – and the new menu includes a whole new range of rolls to change things up a bit. 


4. Popcorn dessert

Which admittedly is popping (lol) up in a lot of restaurants lately. Bit trendy, but still yummy. 


BONUS: The Service

Super friendly, but actually let you take four bites before asking if everything is okay. 

Useful info:

  • Budget and average of €35 per head excluding drinks for a three-course meal.
  • Book in advance.
  • They also do delivery and wedding catering. So you can get a Zest delivery while you plan your wedding, and then eat Zest food at your wedding. Life made. 

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