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11 Moments Every Uni Student Experiences While Waiting For Results

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It’s been over a month since you pretended to give your all during exam period, and now you’re just stuck waiting for your impending results and/or doom. Regardless of your anxiety level, all students share a common set of experiences during this time:

1. Getting a small heart attack every time someone posts on your Uni group

Sheldon Bag

*Gasp* Could it be? Nope, just some guy who thinks we care about the party he’s selling tickets for.

2. Telling yourself to stop thinking about your results (and obviously not managing)

Family Guy Scared Bed

Even if you manage to repress them for the day, the thoughts will keep you up at night.

3. Refreshing eSIMs like the world’s most hopeful gambler

Monkey Click

It’s been five seconds since I last refreshed, they might have posted something now.

4. Regretting the moment you chose to watch Game of Thrones instead of studying

Jon Snow Are You Serious

We didn’t know anything, Jon Snow.

5. Calculating how much time you have left to study for a resit

Head In Hands

You know which subject it’s probably going to be, but you’re not ready to do something as crazy as actually study before the result comes out.

6. Looking up rules for compensated passes

Dumbledore Gives Up

Cos you’re probably not even going to pass the resit.

7. Contemplating other career paths

Funny Stripper

Fuck it, I’ll just be a stripper.

8. Thinking how drunk you’re going to get if you pass


Your liver won’t even know what hit it.

9. Loving your coursemates who actually bother to phone the faculty

Love You

Power to the class reps! 

10. Feeling that 16:30 sadness, cos you have no results and there’s no way they’re being uploaded today

Desert Sad

All they have to do is press a button! 

But wait, we were wrong! Some results have started rolling in. That can only mean one thing:

11. Lolling at the eSIMs email that always comes in 5 hours after you’ve seen your results


Nice try, eSIMS, but we’re not as slow as your website.

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