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13 Ways Maltese Siblings Annoy Each Other

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Those who have siblings know that despite all your stupid fights, they’ve been there through it all – the innocence of childhood, the awkward teen years, and now the awkward adult years. 

You may love them dearly, but there will always be a few little things they do that drive you up the wall.

1. They’ll borrow your stuff without asking


If you’re desperately tearing through your room looking for your tallinja card, check your sibling’s desk cos they probably took it and made it their own.

2. They’ll promise to help you, and then casually forget


Remember that time they said they’d help you clean out Nanna’s garden, or that they’d help you set up for the BBQ on the roof, and each time their plans conveniently ran late? Yeah, that wasn’t a coincidence.

3. They’ll embarrass you in front of your friends

Stop It

If your siblings ever meet your friends, they’ll quickly make themselves comfortable by making jokes at your expense. Every bad nickname and stupid thing you did as a child will suddenly come up in conversation. Remember that time you pooped in the bath? Well now your friends do too.

4. They’ll eat all your food

Mr Bean

If you manage to save some leftover timpana from the night before, you can rest assured that you’ll find the dish empty, and a satisfied brother/sister as your culprit. 

5. They’ll always find a way to blackmail you


If you ever fuck up on the tiniest thing, the dreaded ‘Maaaaa!’ will surely follow. The only way to stop this from happening is by doing something you don’t want to do for your sibling.

6. They’ll hog the bathroom


You need the bathroom to get ready for your night out, but your sibling is already in there. If they realise that you need to get in ASAP, they’ll do everything in their power to keep you out.

7. They’ll rack up some serious debt


Picture this: you’re at your favourite pastizzi place picking up a quick bite, or you’re at your supermarket, stocking up for the week. You reach the checkout line and – low and behold your sibling has conveniently forgotten their wallet at home and will “pay you back soon, promise”. Say goodbye to that cash, you’re never seeing it again.

8. They’ll notice when you’re feeling your look


Once you’ve spent two long hours getting ready and are finally good to go, your sibling will point out every possible flaw in your outfit.

9. They’ll learn all your pet peeves, and do their best to become all of them


Hate it when people chew loudly? Enjoy never having a moment of silence over lunch.

10. They’ll laugh during arguments


Nothing sets off a fight quite like a sibling laughing at the other’s rage. This isn’t funny, this is my angry face.

11. They’ll decide to start their singing careers at the most inappropriate times

Cup Ears

Studying for an upcoming test? Your sibling will make you lose every last shred of concentration (and sanity) by singing at the top of their voice or playing a song you absolutely despise. It may even devolve into a solo Eurovision party.

12. They’ll remind you about parts of your life you’d rather forget

Head In Hands

That weird boyfriend you had back when you were sixteen will haunt you for the rest of your life.

13. They’ll always be there when you need someone to talk to

Hug Me Brotha

And you can put up with all the other crap, because having them as a friend will always outweigh any of the annoying things they do.

How do your siblings annoy you? Tag them on Facebook and tell us the most annoying thing they do, or send us a Snap!

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