19 Thoughts We All Have When Driving In Malta

Admit it, you think about most of these on a daily basis!

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With Malta's traffic situation getting worse by the second, we find ourselves spending far too much time sitting in a boiling hot car, with nothing but our thoughts for company. Here are 19 things everyone thinks about when driving through the streets of Malta.

1.  "Will the rocks falling from the truck up ahead kill me, or just damage my car?"

2. "I wonder how long it's going to take to even out the tan on my right arm."

3. "Why didn't I fill up my tank before I got caught in traffic?"

4. "How is it possible that every single person on the island (babies and toddlers included) is out on the road today?"

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5. "I wonder if that person got their car as a griżma present way back in 1992..."

6. "How long can I hold on to the steering wheel before my skin grafts onto it?"

7. "Aaaand I'm permanently branded by the seat belt's hot metal."

8. "Oh look, another Fiat Punto."

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9. "Someone take a picture, that guy actually knows where his indicator switch is!"

10. "Why did they stop in the middle of the road? Oh, he's parked for a pastizzi break."

11. "How many roundabouts did this coast road really need?"

12. "Please move just one metre forward, I wanna stop in the shade."

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13. "Oh great, another diversion for construction."

14. "Aaaand this road is blocked for the festa!"

15. "At least I can make a coffee with the water bottle I left on my dashboard this morning."

16. "Yeah, sure! Don't worry about it sieħbi, the one-way sign is only a suggestion anyway!"

Modern Family Driving

17. "Nice sports car, good luck hitting anything over 60km/h!"

18. "Didn't the radio just finish playing this song 5 minutes ago?"

19. "Xita tal-ħamrija. In June. Fuck my life."

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