WATCH: 6 Rude Maltese Songs That Will Leave You Cackling In Delight

Because we know Maltese swearing is a refined art

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We all now that the Maltese musical scene is healthy -- or at least, active -- with everything from Eurovision favourites, gonzo popstars, cult indie upstarts and even metal bands having their own space to shine. 

But what might shock some (and delight most) is the equally healthy propensity of Maltese acts to get creative with the limits of the Maltese language. And now that religious vilification is no longer a criminal offence, it's all the more reason to celebrate, rather than condemn, this very real and very vivid part of our culture.

It's not just about vulgarity though -- well, not all of the time -- and the selection of songs below should also put a smile on your face thanks to the musicians' bawdy wit. 

1. Al-Madonna by Hunter's Palace

Though the angry -- and repetitive -- set of minimalist lyrics will have you believing otherwise, this is actually a pretty funky song by the post-rock outfit fronted by author Alex Vella Gera. And just as Vella Gera's bestselling second novel Is-Sriep Regghu Saru Velenuzi gets plenty of dramatic mileage from Malta's schizophrenic language situation, so does the song get extra oomph by mixing both Maltese and English. 

All together now: "Al Madonna! Fucking disaster!"

(PS. Hunter's Palace will be performing a "rare" gig at Funky Monkey, Gzira on August 3 at 20:00)

2. X'iz-Zobb Trid by R.A.S.

Direct as it is relatable, this slice of raw punk from Rage Against Society -- led bythe inimitable Ray 'il-Bahri' Schembri -- is dedicated to every single bad day you've ever had, which was made worse by annoying shits getting in your way. 

3. Iswed Tnejn Zokkor by Sempliciment tat-Triq

This powerful as fuck hip-hop duo are not afraid to tap into the darkest recesses of the Maltese language to deliver an inspired diatribe encompassing social injustice, drug abuse and the corrupt nature of government and big business. Though it may not be the most obviously 'fun' song on this list, it's certainly among the most striking. The boys warned us about their use of 'lirika esplicita', and they weren't kidding.

4. Fil-Gallinar Tas-Sultan by Brikkuni

Perhaps other Brikkuni songs have a higher cuss-word count than this joyous allegorical romp. But it's hard to beat the 'x'ala bieb zobbna' chant for its dirty, anthemic power.

5. Press Like for Jesus by Cikku l-Poplu

Apparently, Jesus doesn't hold a high opinion of naked selfies. So informs us Cikku l-Poplu, the bawdy bard of Malta (and pianist Alex Vella Gregory's naughty alter-ego), during a performance at Teatru Unplugged 2015.

6. Il-Puberta' by Xtruppaw

Xtruppaw are certainly no strangers to the rude ditty, and pretty much any of their musically upbeat but morally filthy songs could easily make this list. But Il-Puberta' holds a special place in our... hearts, for its on-point depiction of the newly-discovered pleasures of self-love.

BONUS: Ghal Dawk Li Jħobbu z'Zejza

Here's a video that just keeps on giving. An ghana song extolling the virtues of the female breast (which is sure to remind us that, after all is said and done, our mother's breast is best); a po-faced singer with the most glorious uni-brow you've seen this side of the Mediterranean; a fellow guitarist with an Apple sticker on his quaint acoustic ax; the telling sound of the ammorin in the background and lyrics that are downright hilarious through and through.

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