7 'Subtle' Ways Your Maltese Family Calls You Fat

In the off chance you're lucky enough to not be called "chubby" outright.

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Maltese families are great; they're loud and loving, and they'll never hold back from telling you the truth. It's all fun and games till someone mentions xaħam. 

But we're Maltese, kind by nature, so we'll never say it directly. Here are 7 ways Maltese family members will 'accidentally' call you fat.

1. Ħu ftit aktar, int tiflaħ

Translation: Take some more (food), you can handle it.

A real 'Sophie's Choice' - you obviously want to take more food, but you can't prove them right, can you?

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2. Qed narak tqawwejt naqa

Translation: I see you've filled out

And no - they don't mean hefty in the "strong and powerful" sense of the word.

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3. Dak il-materjal mhux qed jdejqek, mwaħħal miegħek hekk?

Translation: Doesn't the way that material clings to your body annoy you?

And here I was, thinking I was rocking that "all the right curves in all the right places" vibe.

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4. Ah! Mela m'għadekx bid-dieta?

Translation: Oh, so you're not on your diet anymore?

Thanks for that casual reminder that I've been a bit more lenient these past few days.

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5. Aħjar hekk ta, qabel kont qisek marid

Translation: You look better now, before you looked sick

Thank you, I guess? 


6. Naħseb għandi ħwejjeġ tas-sena l-oħra jiġuk issa

Translation: I think I have some clothes from last year that will fit you now

A double slam of "congrats you're fat" and also "btw you can't dress".

First Of All Bitch

7. Fik mara/raġel

Translation: Literally, there is none. The closest we can get is: 'you're very womanly'.

A beautiful Maltese way of saying you're not fat, you're just big-boned. The junior version is "U le, dak big-boy!"

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Bonus: Allajbierkek

Translation: God bless you

Trust me, they're not praying for you when they say this.


Remember kids, you can lose weight, but you can't lose ugly.

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