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7 Things That Always Happen In The First Week Back At Uni

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As October rolls around, thousands of students are dragged, with varying levels of enthusiasm, back into the whole ‘education’ thing. But whether you’re entering your final year of a Masters course, or just starting your degree, there’s a few things that always happen during the first week.

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1. You can never find your lecture hall

And when you finally do find it, you’re 30 minutes into a lecture about ‘buckling in concrete columns’ before you realise this is probably not your anthropology class.

No Memory

2. Your outfits are on point… for the first two days

And then it’s back to sweatpants and fuzzy socks – that’s fashionable nowadays, right?

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3. You instantly put on weight

Goodbye waistline – hello pizza, fries, endless coffees and bitching sessions over kebabs. Uni frees are so tasty, but so dangerous.


4. You get high at the notification of your maintenance grant

And even though it’s gone in around a week (“photocopies are expensive ta”) for that brief moment in time – you’re rich!


5. You’re constantly reminded to take notes with pen and paper

Because apparently “you’ll remember more that way”. The only problem is the one thing you don’t remember is how to physically write.


6. You’ll feel like you’re in some flash-lecture ad for Apple

Seriously, does entry to uni require a Mac nowadays?


7. You’ll map out the lectures you can totally afford to miss

And the ones you probably can’t, but will anyway – cause if you do, your weekend starts earlier.

Sleeping In

What other moments always happen during your first week? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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