7 Ways A Maltese Ted Mosby Would Have Met The Mother

"Haaaaave you met Josmar?"

Uh Oh Himym

It’s been 2 years since How I Met Your Mother (finally) ended, and lot of people still aren’t over that last episode. Like 'Friends', the Maltese people have formed a close personal bond to a show that took nine years to tell two kids how he met their mother.

But what if the whole thing was set in Malta? Well, we’re willing to bet that Ted would’ve taken a whole lot less time to explain the different potential situations:

1. “I was 18, she was 16. We met in Havana. The condom broke. The end.”


2. “I uploaded this photo of myself squinting at the camera in Buskett with a kickass inspirational quote as a caption." 

I also got about 200 likes in the first hour, she hit that 'Love' button and she orrajt from her profile picture. The rest is history.


3. “Your mother used to date my best friend in Sixth Form. I used to date her hot friend back then too..." 

"...so after we had gone out with everyone in each other’s circle of friends, there was only one thing left to do!”

Boy Word For Slut

4. “Two words guys - TINDER. MARATHON.”

Its A Match

5. “It was love at first sight - I mean, I say that, but I didn’t really see her until 3 months into our relationship..." 

"We met on MIRC and then moved onto MSN before we even met IRL.”


6. “I met your mother on this sick Pokémon GO hunt a couple of friends of mine organized in Valletta."

"Talk about romance... I missed out on a Snorlax to chat her up.”

Hot Misty

7. “She sat next to me on the first day of Sixth Form. I had her at 'Aw OK?'

Feisty One You Are

Bonus: “Two years into our relationship, I found out that we’re actually third cousins. Heh, Malta zghira hux?”

No Thats Impossible

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