9 Maltese Childhood Fad Rivalries From The 90s

Back when we swore we'd kill over trivial things!

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Each and every generation has had its fair share of fads, but it feels like 90s kids were ready to go that extra mile to defend their likes. 

Here's nine of the biggest rivalries from a childhood two decades in the making:

1. Pokémon vs. Digimon

Screen Shot 2016 11 17 At 23 21 39

A rivalry that actually caused fully-fledged fights in certain schools. "Ugh, a yellow mouse that repeats its name five times per minute sucks!" "Well, it's better than being called something ridiculous followed by -MON now is it?!" 

The arguments were endless, and only one thing was for certain: when someone opened their mouth about the matter but turned out to like the other series, there was only one proper way of replying:


2. FIFA vs. PES

Screen Shot 2016 11 17 At 23 28 06

A rivalry that was so strong, it actually lives on to this very day and has people not only in Malta, but all over the internet, comparing the 2017 versions of the two big football video game franchises. At least, it seems like both factions can agree; nothing can ever beat the intro video to FIFA 98. 

3. Nickelodeon vs. Cartoon Network

Screen Shot 2016 11 17 At 23 33 36

Nickelodeon had Rugrats, Hey Arnold, CatDog, Ren & Stimpy and Spongebob SquareGOD, but Cartoon Network had Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, the Powerpuff Girls and Ed, Edd n' Eddy. 

Seriously, how were we meant to choose between that whole list (and so many more)?! It all boiled down to the particular series that was on at the time, which probably meant a great deal of constant switching between channels 40 and 41. Again, we can probably all agree here that the intro to Dexter's Laboratory was the best. thing. ever. 

4. Chandler vs. Joey

Joey Chandler Rivals

Sure, the two were probably a lot of people's first exposure to bromance, but Chandler and Joey did get into quite a lot of (mostly petty) arguments at times, and for the people watching, it was a rivalry of which one was the better bro / which one they could see themselves in the most. 

At least, at the end of the day, much like Chandler and Joey themselves, we could put it all behind us thanks to the healing power of a friendship bracelet.

Joey Chandler Friends

5. Britney Spears vs. Cristina Aguilera

Screen Shot 2016 11 17 At 23 48 01

If you were into pop music (and pretty much everyone was into pop music in the late 90s), then this one was a doozy. Cristina clearly had the better voice, but Britney was just infinitely more likeable and had a dozen more hits. 

No matter who you swore your allegiance to, it's pretty difficult—to this very day, as we've just discovered—not to sing along to Oops I Did It Again.

Britney Not That Innocent

6. Backstreet Boys vs. Spice Girls

This could've included Westlife, Five, TLC, Destiny's Child...our point is, the 90s and early 00s were all about boybands, girlbands, and those awkward mixed bands (we're looking at you, S Club 7). 

But perhaps the biggest boy and girl bands for any 90s kids were Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls. Seriously though, no matter what you think, you need to remember that Quit Playing Games With My Heart is the best worst music video ever, and here's our proof:

Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games With My Heart 2

7. Pamela Anderson vs. Lara Croft

Pamela Anderson Baywatch

Sure, the above is going to bring back some good old memories of pre-pubescent boob-watching on Italian TV, but who needs that when you could switch on your PlayStation1 and get your fair share of pointy-boobed Lara Croft?!

Lara Croft Gurl

8. Twistees vs. Tastees

Twistees Vs Tastees

Oh the humanity. The lives lost over this one. 

(For the record, and feel free to disagree with us but you'd be wrong, Twistees all the way).

9. Ingliżi vs. Taljani

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 00 26 45

The rivalry to end all rivalries, no matter which generation you grew up in really. For some people, this actually dictated which friends they made at school, automatically set the teams up for very heated breaktime football matches, and to this day, if the team you don't support (and has no real connection to the one you do) loses, people still feel compelled to go on a carcade or two. Cue the infinite eye rolls.

At least, there was also the PE teacher at the end of that heated football match to make us (even if begrudgingly) shake hands.

Screen Shot 2016 11 18 At 00 26 55

BONUS: Bury the hatchet

For a chance to either settle some scores or just finally bury the hatchet, don't miss Class of 95 happening this weekend!

Where do you stand on these timeless rivalries? Tag a friend who always had your back, and another one who you could never quite agree with!

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