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9 Vines That Sum Up Every Maltese Person’s Sixth Form Experience

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Everyone told you it was going to be the best time of your life, but it also came free with a lot of those pesky ‘worst time of your life’ moments. All things considered though, those two years really do play a part in shaping who you’ll become when you’re a (sort of) adult. 

Despite differences in schools, most people had a similar sixth form experiences, and here’s a summary of what it felt like:

1. It’s time to face it, you’re a big boy/girl now.

You’ve finally made it out of Secondary School… time to show everyone what a cool adult you are.

 2. Making friends was as exciting as it is awkward

This one is particularly true if this is the first time you’re mixing school and the opposite sex.

 3. Coming face to face with your crush was even worse

“Play it cool, play it cool, play it cool, oh god I messed up! Continue sort of playing it cool…” 

4. Barging into the wrong classroom was the worst feeling

Reading your timetable properly was an important skill that many of us lacked. 

5. But new crowds meant new people to show off your skills to

All those forced PE lessons in secondary school can be finally put to good use.

6. Except everyone else had also been practicing (probably a lot more than you)

7. New beginnings also meant new learning opportunities

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere…

8. But no feeling ever compared to the first day you received stipend

You can buy a Cinnabon or a sausage roll without begging for cash! #HundredDollaBillsYo

9. And growing up meant finally learning when to admit that you need help

Bonus: If you made it out alive you’re totally set for working life…

…or not!

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