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Christmas Day Lunch vs. New Year’s Day Lunch In Malta

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Sure, we might not have Thanksgiving and a whole list of other international holiday traditions that we would probably struggle to integrate, but no one needs to tell us how to properly do Christmas Day and New Year’s Day lunches. We’re pros.

Here’s all the ways Christmas lunch and New Year’s Day lunch compete:

1. The Food


When the 25th of December finally arrives you know it’s time to devour everything on the table. You’ve been trying to hold off from eating that much over the last couple of weeks, but now, it’s time to chow down.

Fast forward to New Year’s Day, and after a whole week of binge-eating (paired up with that monster hangover), you can’t even look at food. 

Food Coma Disgusted

2. The Alcohol

Wine Chugging

Alcohol on the table—even if it’s lunch—is part and parcel of every Maltese meal with more than five members gathered at the table. On Christmas Day, you need at least half a bottle of wine each to really get into that merry spirit.

Jump to one week later, and do you really still want to down more alcohol?

I Cant No

3. Discussing Last Night

It Was Great

Whether you went to some cool Christmas Eve party or stayed at home watching movies cuddled in bed, you knew that the big day was still on its way, so you tried your best not to overdo it. That does’t mean you didn’t enjoy it, it just means that you can fully enjoy today’s lunch.

But how can you not turn up till the very early hours of the morning on the last day of the year?! And who knows how much of it you’ll remember the day after, and how much of it you’ll regret?!

Jonah Not Chill

4. Your Phone

Selena Phone

Your phone won’t stop ringing. Random people — from weird acquaintances to long-lost family members — all feel the need to send you warm wishes for this year’s Christmas Day, hoping you get all the blessings you deserve and showering you with wintery wonder. 

On the other hand, on the 1st of January, your phone is the only way you can piece together what exactly happened last night, and as each and every photo upload and message sent gets unravelled, you’re not so sure you want to find out after all.

Jontron Stop

5. Your Family 

Betty White Vodka

If we’re celebrating Jesus’ birthday, we have to do it in style, and that means letting go, even if you’re grandma. 

One week later, however, it’s back to business for everyone, so you better get your shit together and not show up drunk.

Golden Girl Vomit

6. Plans For Next Week

Ready To Party

Sure, it’s been a fun couple of days, but the big night is yet to come, and you should make the most out of the last week of the year – party time!

Versus – having no other reason to drink and go out and everyone around you demanding that you get that long list of resolutions on the road and actually grow up this year.

Hate Adult

Which lunch do you prefer? Tell us in the comments and tag someone who will probably be just as horrible at them!

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