Disney Villains' Favourite Paceville Clubs

Even villains need a beer and a break on the weekend.

Disney Barmaids

Paceville – a place where dignity is lost to the bottom of tequila shot glasses. Generous when handing out memorable nights, the district’s good intentions are often forgotten; obscured by the hazy Disney special we call Friday night. Here’s where our favourite Disney nasties are most likely to hang out on their down-time.

Ursula, the Sea Witch - Havana

Moderate to blatantly uncomfortable displays of skin, coupled with heightened hip gyration is the order of every night in Havana. Nobody personifies this quite as well as Ursula; those poor, unfortunate souls.

Ursula Gif

Gaston - Footloose

Where better for our beefy antagonist to spend his Friday night than in a club surrounded by foreign exchange students for him to harass (see: Belle).

Gaston Gif

Yzma - AXM

Those eyelashes, those cheekbones, the stylish up-dos that withstand all weather or bodily fluids! Yzma would be worshipped as a god amongst (gay) men at AXM.

Yzma Gif

The Step Sisters - Ryan's

Two bitchy, stuck up sisters, spending daddy's money on shots while judging anyone who passes by, would feel right at home at Ryan’s on a Sunday afternoon.

Step Sisters Gif

Maleficent - Hugo's Lounge

Oddly charming, yet proud and cold (and a keen subscriber to the ‘wine mom’ lifestyle), there is no doubt Maleficent would frequent this neck of Paceville’s sordid woods. Lounging on their sofas, she delights in the famous sushi and cocktail combo; though never during happy hour of course.

Maleficiant Gif

Scar - Plush

With a menagerie of animal prints constantly on display, Scar would want for nothing at Plush. There’s probably enough meat encased in the zebra printed lycra for him to invite his hyena buddies to the feast.

Scar Gif

Governor Ratcliffe - Native Bar

A general lack of understanding of the Native American culture (why play Latin Pop all night?), partnered with a willingness to exploit them for profit? It’s a perfect match.

Ratcliff Gif

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