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‘I Know Speaker Doesn’t Control You, But I Will’: Maltese Presenter Loses It After MPs Refuse To Stop Bickering 

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Politicians are known to have a habit of not shutting up even when asked to and while they might prove to be difficult to control in Parliament, this wasn’t the case on Smash TV’s Kulħadd Jgħid Tiegħu.

Host Emmy Bezzina, known for the occasional outrageous comment or outburst, had Labour MP Anthony Agius Decelis together with PN MP Edwin Vassalo on as guests during the programme.

At the end of what appeared to be a heated one-hour debate, with the two MPs still going at each other about water and electricity tariffs, Bezzina started to attempt to bring the show to a conclusion, telling both guests that their time was up.


@lovinmaltaofficial“If the speaker doesn’t control you in Parliament, Emmy Bezzina will” 🤭 #fyp #fypmalta #malta #lovinmalta #politics #emmybezzina #debate #pn #pl♬ original sound – Lovin Malta

The two, however, appeared to be in no mood to comply with Bezzina’s request, at least not until he temporarily lost it.

With the two MPs still blabbing, Bezzina took matters into his own hands.

“I am asking the director to end the programme. When I tell you to stop, you stop!” Bezzina said angrily.

“Here we have a schedule. If the Speaker is unable to control you in Parliament, Emmy Bezzina does control you!”

Within seconds, however, the host was back to all my smiles, thanking his guests and his director.

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