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Labour Candidate ‘Tells Adrian Delia She’s Joining The PN’, But It All Turns Out To Be An April Fool’s Joke

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A Labour Party local council candidate surprised her followers when she appeared to announce that PN leader Adrian Delia had accepted her request to join the PN, but it turned out to be an April Fool’s joke.

“Sur Adrian Delia, thank you for the welcome you’ve given me in the Nationalist Party, it wasn’t easy for me to take this leap. But everyone knows what is right and I’m pledging my support to you and your good work for the entire nation,” the message read.

“Dear Joslyn, it is my pleasure that you will be part of this party which unites everyone. Your work is going to be important in the fight for what is right. I am truly thankful for your support and interest,” Delia appeared to reply.

However, it turned out that Saliba’s boyfriend, PN councillor Jeremy Cardona, orchestrated the prank through an app which mimics WhatsApp chats.

Tag someone who would’ve fallen for a prank like this!

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