Malta's Messiest Chefs Return With The Donut Burger

"The bigger the mess, the better the taste" is the Pigsty in the Kitchen philosophy

Ever wonder what a violent mix of the gross-out and the delicious would look like? The guys behind (and in front of) Pigsty in the Kitchen have the answer, and are back with a new episode that mashes sweet and savoury in ways you never thought you'd like to check out. 

Watching them put together the diabolical 'donut burger' is like witnessing a car crash: even if you want to, you can't look away.

The 'Pigsty' guys are Malta's answer to Epic Meal Time and the How-To Basic videos, and take a grotesque comedy approach to cooking shows that will have you wincing in horror and laughing at the same time. 

Check out some of their earlier offerings to get a taste of their winning sense of humour. 

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