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9 Types Of Maltese Couples

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Għabbejt? Prosit. You can finally stop complaining about being single, spend time with your new partner, and eventually fall into one of the following categories.

1. The PDAnnoying

Britney Awkward

Can you actually breathe air that’s not from each other’s mouth? We get it, you’re in love. Whatever the setting, rest assured saliva swapping will be a thing.

2. The Julie and Ludwig

It’s on-again/off-again with these guys. One day they’re so in love it’s sickening, the next they’re out for blood. The real victims here are their friends, cause hearing ‘tlaqtu’ for the third time in a month gets rather tedious.

3. The Joint Facebook Account

All In This

Sorry we didn’t come visit you in hospital after your operation to be joined at the hip. They probably also share social media accounts with their ħanini, cause ‘everything that’s mine is theirs’!

4. The Sneaky Sweethearts

I Love Secrets

They try to keep their relationship on the down low, but fail miserably. It’s Malta, how long did you hope to keep this a secret?

5. Ġesu’, Ġużeppi, Marija


The whole premise of their relationship is that they’re barely going to hold hands until they’re married. And they make them sure that everyone is constantly reminded of this, because you know… that’s what Jesus wants.

6. The Match Made In Heaven

Deeling Sick

They’re perfect for each other, and you hate them for it. Plus they don’t even try to rub it in your face. What is wrong with you (disgustingly happy) people?

7. The Incompatibles


Everyone knows that this relationship isn’t going to work out – well, everyone except them. He likes hanging out at the Kazin and she’s all about The Point. She spends her nights at Havana, and he just wants to watch TV. It’s like a (terrible) Taylor Swift song.

8. The Forced Marriage

Beyonce 2

These two just met, but she got preggars and now they have to marry – cause Maltese norms.

9. The PR Department

Modern Family

Documenting their life on social media every chance they get, you can’t scroll through your feed without seeing a photo of them kissing at the Upper Barrakka, or a status confessing their love for each other. They’ve probably only been together two weeks, but they just know it’s right.

Which of these couple-stereotypes are your friends guilty of? Tag them in the comments on Facebook!

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