9 Moments That Prove The VMAs Are Basically Every Paceville Night Out

It's nothing we haven't seen before...

Vmas Cover

The VMAs may be over, but the clips and GIFs they spawned will live on forever... or at least for a couple of weeks. But while the rest of the world is reeling at some of the scenes from Sunday night (our Monday morning) the Maltese are unfazed by the drama, because they see it unfold live every weekend at Paceville.

1. Someone will get drunk and ramble about how amazing they are

They might also feature some back handed compliments (and repeat themselves a lot).


2. There will be a Rihanna-style clustered grind fest

If you've been in a club for more than five minutes, and haven't seen a mountain of gyration, it's time to leave.

Rihanna Grind

3. Someone will wear pants that are way too tight

And sometimes, just sometimes, that's not such a bad thing.

Jobro Pants

4. Your friend will angry-dance to deal with their breakup

This'll show them!

Beyonce Rage Danve

5. And they'll suddenly take it too far

Really Sarah, you had to go there?

Beyonce Baseball

6. Someone won't know any lyrics, but pretend to sing anyway

And every time they know one word they'll scream it loudly at the DJ... before going back to messing up.

Confused Bri

7. The club gets too hot cause the ACs don't work

But you're in too deep, there's no leaving now.

Beyonce Fire

8. There will be a Burger King/Chick King break

But you'll still keep busting a move, even while stuffing your face with fries.

Food Break

9. Someone will wear a dress too tight to walk in

Just cause you look good standing still, does not mean it'll work out during a night of dancing and club-swapping.

Nicki Dress

Bonus: Your friend will cancel last minute and come up with a really shitty excuse


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Written By

Chucky Bartolo

If there's no Mariah Carey GIF or reference to Eurovision in this article, just assume they've been edited out against my will.