Places Equally Offensive to Set Up Billboards

Creative, or crazy? (Definitely crazy).


Following the announcement that we may start seeing floating billboards on several of our beaches this Summer, we've come up with a list of 8 other places that might also become advertising spaces before long.

1. Sunken under the Azure window

2. At the illegal sheep farm in Gozo

3. Projected onto the front of Haġar Qim

4. In the intrata of the Grandmaster's Palace

5. On select bottles of Kinnie

6. Covering every inch of the Three Cities' fortifications

7. Stickered onto the back of traffic policemen at the Kappara Junction

8. Written into the sausages on every Maxims pizza.

No God Gif

Update: A petition has been started, calling for the removal of Floating Billboards

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Update 2: We've been sent some images of what the proposed floating billboards will look like:

Floating billboard
Floating billboard