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One-Cent Incident: Man Ends Up At Naxxar Police Station After Trying To Pay Fine In Coins

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After a man received a €23.29 fine from LESA, he went to Naxxar Local Council to pay what he owed them. But what would have been a regular exchange turned into a curious encounter, as the man showed up with a bag full of coins – 2,389 to be exact.

Attempting to pay a fine in one-cent coins makes for a great story, but the joke blew up in his face as he ended up at the police station. He was told to collect every single cent he brought in and pay the fine normally.

Following the incident, Naxxar Local Council took to Facebook, describing it as a joke gone wrong.

They ask the public to respect council employees. “Try not to waste the Council employees’ time, because their time is paid for by the people’s tax!”


Several people took the liberty to comment, with several speaking out in favour of the man. The top comment reads:

“Wrong if he did it to waste council time, even worse if the council did not accept them because as far as I know I am entitled to pay in coins. The worst thing though, is if the police did not let him practice his rights.”

Another Facebook user commented:

“So the LC decided to refuse what is legal tender in Malta? You are clearly in the wrong Naxxar LC, and you also wanted to act as bullies by involving the police in your wrongdoing, and by making this post. No wonder the country is in the pitiful state it is, with amateur bullies like you running the show!”

No matter how much frustration LESA fines may bring about, purposefully wasting Local Council employees’ time is probably not the way to get your point across.

What do you make of the one-cent incident?

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