Gay Porn GIFs That Perfectly Summarise Life In Malta

You might want to tilt your phone slightly.

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Living on a small island means there are many moments we experience that are shared with so many others. These can be great, or terrible, but whatever the situation is, you can rest assured someone else is probably feeling the same way.

Well, here are some interesting GIFs that sum up some shared Maltese moments:

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1. When there's no pastizzi left at Champs after a night out


2. When it's cloudy in the morning, but you're sweating by noon 


3. When you drive along most of our roads


4. When you inevitably bump into your ex

Ezgif Com Crop 2

5. When another protected bird is shot down


6. When a country gives us 12 points at Eurovision

Ezgif Com Crop 3

7. But we still don't win it

Euro Loss

8. When you're wearing shorts and you sit on a bench in the sun

Ezgif Com Crop

9. When the school nurse called you in to check for lice


10. When you flip the pillow over and it's still warm


11. When you get a really hard question on your O-level

Ezgif Com Crop 1

12. When you fall asleep on the beach and wake up completely sunburnt


13. When you first see the price of avocados at LIDL


14. When someone makes a doppju sens joke, and you don't get it right away

Doppju Sens

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Chucky Bartolo

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