7 Other Jobs Explained By Emanuel Cuschieri

Since apparently professional Podiatrists are "dawk li jaqtghu d-dwiefer".

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Yesterday evening, the ex-president of the Labour Party Emanuel Cushcieri took to Facebook to discuss the end of Malta's podiatrists' strike. A strike very few people knew or cared about, until it was referred to as a strike by "people who cut other people's toenails". 

This (understandably) upset some professionals in the field. But what would simplified versions of other jobs be like?

Emanuel Oops

1. Periti - 'tal-lego blocks il-kbar insomma'

Translation: Architects - the ones who work with giant lego blocks.

Lego Gif

2. Tobba - 'dawk li jbellawlek il-pilloli'

Translation: Doctors - the ones who give you pills.

Not A Science

3. Nurses - 'dawk li jaħsluk Mater Dei'

Translation: Nurses - the ones who wash you while you're in hospital.

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4. Għalliema - 'tal-babysitting ta' filgħodu'

Translation: Teachers - the ones who babysit in the morning.

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5. Accountants - 'dawk li jilgħabu bil-calculator'

Translation: Accountants - the ones who play with their calculator.

Office Bored

6. Psikologi - 'dawk li joqodu jsaqsuk kif inti'

Translation: Psychologists - those who keep asking you what's up.


7. Avukati - 'dawk li jaqlawlek xeba hassle man'

Translation: Lawyers - the ones who create a lot of problems.


Do you have any other simplified careers? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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