8 Of The Best Quotes From Maltese Personalities In 2018

Please give us many, many more of these in 2019

Best Malta Quotes 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to look back at those special moments where Maltese personalities gave us some verbal gems to brighten up our mundane days.

This year our list includes politicians (naturally), TV personalities, public figures and social commentators.

Here goes.

1. “Uwejja come on! Early in the morning you ask these questions?”

- Finance Minister Edward Scicluna on whether Pilatus Bank’s license will be suspended following news of the bank’s owner Ali Sadr Hasheminejad being arrested in the US.

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2. “I hope MGRM are genuine in their fight against discrimination; if so let them become LGBTIQE, with E for embryo”

- Nationalist MP Tonio Fenech on IVF treatment and how, if the gays really cared about non-discrimination, they should add an E for embryo to LGBTIQ.

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3. “Il-ġbejna hija ġbejna u hija prodott Għawdxi”

- Speaker of the House of Representatives Anġlu Farrugia, on the semantics of the Gozo cheeselet and whether or not it qualifies as an insult.

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4. “Europe is giving us the right to delete when it comes to supermarkets, delete on our gadgets - and they are also giving us the right to delete children before they are born”

- TV personality Peppi Azzopardi comparing the General Data Protection Regulation to the abortion referendum in Ireland which occurred earlier this year.

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5. “Jekk ma jiġix it-technician għada, niġi għalik u n*ħxilek il-mara”

- Melita customer, gently discussing technical issues with customer service agent.

6. “I am offering two airplane tickets for free to Rome to anyone who can find this clip”

- Franco Debono, Commissioner of Laws of Malta and former MP, challenging the Maltese population to find a clip of him speaking about his vote in the 2012 Budget broadcast on PBS of at least 10 minutes in length.

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7. “A pittance”

- Valletta 2018 Chairman Jason Micallef on his salary as chairman.

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8. “I don’t even know what 17 Black is today”

- Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, in December 2018, on a company we have no idea about either.

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Luca Amato