Maltese Celeb-Couple Names To Fill The Brangelina Shaped Hole In Our Hearts

Final proof that a night in a Gozo farmhouse is enough to test any relationship!

Brangelina Cover

If you're even slightly human, then you've just had your heart broken by the news that the (seemingly) perfect celebrity couple Brangelina (that's Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for those who are just logging into the internet for the first time today) filing for divorce!

That's right everyone, Brangelina is no more - but while we pine and mourn, let's not thank the Maltese celebs who are here to help!

1. Gravira

The beloved singer and her chef baby daddy are already Malta's power couple - at least we'll always have these two to gush about!


2. Madgar Edise

As complicated as they come. Madgar works for short, but is never to be used in formal situations - she is the president afterall.


3. Joselle

No relation to Youtube's Glozell. The Prime Minister and his wife have already hung out with the Obamas - that's some serious celeb-couple street cred.


4. Sitina

The relatively new kids on the block, we've all seen read how Simon gushes about the new love in his life!


5. Glaphne

The secret bloggers' romance we never even knew we wanted, but can only wish for.


6. Nossi

Their on-air banter is always hilarious, and you can't have a celebrity couple without heaps of entertainment. 


7. Joz

Reppin' the morning DJ slots, we need these two to have the sudden realisation they've been in love this whole time and just officialise it... please? Joz works so well.


8. Lydio

Sure, they're fictional characters... but that doesn't mean we can't idolise their love. Lord knows we're more invested in them than we are in most real events.


9. Clisney

Claire Marie Busuttil and her strong feelings for 'The Disney' is the definition of true love.


Bonus: Judwig - the ones that got away

No, we will never stop harping on about our love for the popera couple - and you shouldn't either. #JudwigLivesOn #OTP

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