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What If Malta Had Its Own Squid Game? From Ġostra, Boċċi, And More!

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If you haven’t heard of the South Korean survival drama television series Squid Game broadcasted by Netflix. We’ve got you covered!

Squid Game, which is captivating audiences worldwide, focuses on Seong Gi-Hun, who decides to participate in a deadly secret survival, with a whopping 45.6 billion won prize on the line.

To win, contestants risk their lives passing through series of fatal games that put a bloody twist on the simple games we played as children.

But what would happen if Squid Game Malta actually became a thing? Who needs X Factor or Malta’s Got Talent when you’ve got a game with so much on the line?

1.Iż-Żunżana Ddur Iddur

At first glance, this seems simple enough. The game sees children sitting in a circle waiting to be thumped on the head to run around the circle to sit, hopefully catching the person who did so.

In our Maltese spin-off, we’ll change out bees for trees – and four robotic sized Ian Borgs chasing competitors with a hacksaw – ready to chop them down where they stand.

2. Marbles (Boċċi)

This game is loved by all Maltese, whether you’re young or old. So what better way to celebrate our deadly show than by putting a fatal twist on the still popular game.

In this version, your large metal balls would be bombs, hit the wrong marble and you’ll be heading for your demise.

3. Ġostra

Ġostra is the traditional game that sees people running up greasy poles for a prize.

Usually, if you fall, you land in the sea, However, in the Maltese Squid Game version of Ġostra it would be put over lava and you’d need to run past 12 Ġostras, collecting the flags along the way to finish the game.

4. Hopescotch (Passju)

Like the normal traditional hopscotch, you need to throw a rock and hop your way through need boxes.

However, in Malta’s Squid game, the squares of the hopscotch would be far smaller, resembling the skinny buildings flooding the skyline, throwing in some traps along the way.

5. Skipping rope (il-qbiz tal-ħabel)

This game normally involves skipping to avoid the rope touching you. Here, we’ll use three different ropes made from cheap hair extensions.

Basically, the idea is to keep skipping and avoid a hairstyle that would make you welcome death.

6.  Spinning top (iz-zugraga)

A spinning top seems relatively simple, but what if your life would be decided on where the top lands?

7. Ix-Xixu

The game usually focuses on a large piece of wood in the hand of a child whose aim would be to hit a smaller piece of wood that is constantly being tossed in the air by their friends.

Naturally, in this deadly game, you’d be the one that’s being tossed around, trying to avoid large pieces of wood and falling into the abyss below.

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