Stop Everything: This Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

No photoshop was involved in the making of this post

Joseph Cover 2

Sometimes the internet gives you a gift you just have to share with everyone else...

Giphy 38

Meet Mike Score

Mike Score 1

You probably never heard of him...

Mike Score 2

He's a former hairdresser.


He was also the keyboardist, guitarist, and lead singer from the 1980s new wave band, A Flock of Seagulls. Remember them?


We didn't think so...

Hqdefault 1

Maybe this will trigger your memory

Just look at him a bit closer

Screen Shot 2016 09 02 At 8 22 56 Pm
Screen Shot 2016 09 02 At 7 52 21 Pm

Remind you of anyone?


How about...

Joseph And Mike

You're welcome

Joseph Muscat Interview

So perhaps it's safe to say we know exactly what the Prime Minister will look like aged 58.

Mike Score

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