The Best Knockers On The Island

*knock knock*

Shuddanthavetabudder Gif

Everyone loves Maltese knockers, the more voluptuously shaped and intricately designed, the better. Here's a list of knockers you're going to want to see. 

1. Long and droopy knockers

Droopy Knockers

Photo by maltadoors

2. Exotic knockers 


Photo by tomcamilleri

3. Underwater knockers


Photo by karo1ina

4. Pointy knockers


Photo by lowglowflow

5. The knocker that lures you to the dark side

Dark Knocker 2

Photo by maltadoors

6. The scaly knockers 


Photo by danna_montana

7. The knockers you wouldn't want to touch

Dont Touch2

Photo by me_dubrovsky

8. Two girls, one knocker


Photo by robertataliana

9. Knockers with tassels 

Tassel Knockers

Photo by gulgungunaydin

Bonus: DIY Knockers?

Diy Knockers

Photo by gingerlynsey

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