WATCH: Is This The Secret To Successfully Running A Real-Estate Agency?

Is this Qormi-based group onto something?


Malta is no stranger to accidental hilarity. From the Potato Guy to Clinton Paul, we sure know how to strike all the wrong notes in the funniest ways possible. And now we can count even a real-estate agency among the ranks of the gloriously memorable internet sensations. Sorting through the promotional videos uploaded by the Qormi-based Daforte group on YouTube and Facebook is great for those with some patience to spare. 

Here are a few reasons why Daforte’s unique approach to brand-building has won us over.

1. Their old-school theatricality

Back in Elizabethan times, acting on stage was a ‘more is more’ kind of affair. Thespians were sure to project their lines as loudly as possible, with emphatic hand gestures emphasizing key lines. Well, it seems as though Daforte’s own “relatively new” boy is keen to resurrect that venerable tradition.

Waxing lyrical on the merits of a semi-detached bungalow in Luqa, Robert looks like a cross between a traffic policeman and a particularly relaxed hip-hop performer.

He’s also got a flair for exhibitionism that would make even an old-school Hollywood diva blush – never let it be said that Daforte ever sell themselves short – he describes the property as a real catch, “like me”!

2. Their creative take on the English language

Oh syntax, how we miss thee. Or do we? The Daforte team soldier on regardless, delivering grammatical rough diamonds such as:

Coming to you straight for Daforte TV’s newest installment...”

May I recommend you to sit back…”

My area of specialty…”

“...Facing a grin area…”

3. Their off-kilter approach to promotion 

Ever the trailblazers, Daforte appear to have compiled a highlights video of a recent seminar… while drowning out all speech from the video with music.

Oh, and did you see the introductory video to their YouTube channel, imploring visitors to ‘Subscribe’? Yeah.

4. Their ambition

Clearly proving that they’re Maltese through and through, the Daforte group have no qualms about expanding their operations with innovative ideas that aim to achieve the most profitable results in record time.

One such example is their new Max Forte scheme, which promises money to those who ‘report’ vacant properties they see to the company.

And true to the current infrastructural trend, Daforte have even set up their own University, though we must admit we’re left none the wiser as to what its curriculum would be after watching its 10-second promotional video. 

5. Their deadpan delivery

There’s something to be said about a company really taking charge and getting their own employees to speak about the company’s services and overall strengths in the sector.

After all, this is the age of social media – when we are in fact the media, and Daforte are to be commended for catching on to this and allowing their employees to connect so directly with their audience.

We love the company's amateur charm... and we have a fun challenge for you too. Drink every time you catch one of their number clearly reading from an off-camera auto-cue!

6. Their delivery, in general

Running the gamut from the dead-eyed to the over-enthusiastic, it’s clear that the Daforte team is a broad church, performatively speaking. Honestly, did you ever think a real estate video series could make for compulsive viewing? 

In short... if loving Daforte is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

So what do you think of Daforte’s adventures in online promotion? Let us know on Facebook, or send us a Snap!

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