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WATCH: Two Men Attempt To Fight In Paceville In Broad Daylight, End Up Embarrassing Themselves

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Paceville has officially been listed by the United States as a high-risk area known for fights, assaults and other dodgy activities. However, it’s going to have to do a whole lot more to live up to its new billing if this fight that took place this morning is anything to go by.

Two men were filmed squaring up outside the popular Basic store in St George’s Road, but the only basic thing was the fight itself, with their punches repeatedly either missing the target or finding it far too weakly. At one point, one of them showed off his moves and aimed a kick at his opponent’s chest but it appeared to have no impact whatsoever.

Although the video doesn’t capture it, an eyewitness told Lovin Malta that the fight was instigated by the man in a black shirt.

“He walked after the guy in white in front of Basic and grabbed him while still holding a large beer can,” the eyewitness said. “The guy in white got pissed and told him to let go, but he didn’t, so the fight started.”

The fight broke up as quickly as it started, after a passer-by tricked them into believing the police were on their way and convinced them to go their separate ways.

P.S. We don’t condone violence and are sharing this video so that maybe people will stop embarrassing themselves.

What do you think these guys were even fighting about?

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