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What If Will And Grace Was Based In Malta

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Will and Grace, the iconic show that everyone loved (shut up, you know you did) has finally returned to us, if only for a hilarious 10-minute clip. While many of us saw our friends and ourselves in the characters, what would have changed if their characters were based even closer to home?

1. Jack and Will would be ‘straight’ for the first two seasons

And season three would be them “out to their friends, but not the family ta”.

Ezgif Com Crop 2

2. They’d live in their nanna’s fancy Valletta apartment… with nanna still living there

Cue endless (and hilarious) interactions between nanna Guża and a whole array of gay men.


3. Karen would be married to Hugo

It’s a match made in Karen’s version of cash-flow heaven – we’d just need to convince him to have a toe-only cameo once a season.

Ezgif Com Crop 3

4. Grace would work in marketing

It’s Malta’s answer to the ‘fashionable’ job choice anyway, as long as you pronounce it ma’keting.

Grace Donut

5. Jack and Will would be buff AF

Cause you can’t be a high society gay in Malta without a minimum of eight abs.


6. They wouldn’t need to cast a Val

Every neighbour on our island is some level of crazy.

Ezgif Com Crop 4

7. Rosario would be from the Philippines

A live-in house keeper in a rich person’s house? Nobody in Malta would bat an eyelid.

Rosario Gif

8. Jack would walk around with a Mary Spiteri doll

And we’d all live for the moment she teaches him to sing Tema 79 and asks him to “snap out if, tfajjel ċkejken”

Cher Doll Jac

What other Maltese Will and Grace moments would we see? Tell us in the comments on Facebook.

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