Why Game Of Thrones Is More Maltese Than You Think

No, this isn't about filming locations.


If you've lived on the island for more than 5 seconds, you'll know that parts of Game of Thrones were filmed in Malta. But now that our chapter in television history is over, is our connection to the show really severed for good? 

We think there's a lot more to Malta's relationship with Game of Thrones than just a film site.

1. A Maltese wedding and a Dothraki one are basically the same

Dothraki Wedding

2. Malta's High Sparrow errr... Archbishop holds a lot of power


3. Winter is always coming, but never really does.


4. We have insanely complex family trees, and namedrop all the time


5. Wildfire explosions are basically giggifogu put to more practical use


6. Our streakers put Cersei's walk of shame to shame


7. The North and the South are only willing to work together to keep out the Gozitans... err whitewalkers 

Giphy 25

8. Family meals are intimate, quiet gatherings between 50 people

Game Of Thones Seattle Feast

9. You think "The North Remembers" is bad? Try slighting a Maltese person

The North Remembers Gif

10. Like Jon Snow we know nothing... when it's convenient

Giphy 24

11. We're invaded by whitewalkers - just in summer, and they're usually found in Bugibba.

Tumblr Np8Wv7 Er Js1Tk2Asdo1 400

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Chucky Bartolo

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