11 Things Worse than a Gender Neutral Toilet

It gets worse

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KSU (the University Students' Council) took a bold step into the great unknown recently by labelling one of their toilets as gender neutral. Obviously, all hell broke loose. For all those who are still freaking out about the dangers of sharing toilets with the opposite sex, here are some things to remind you that – it gets worse. 

1. Dropping the pull tab of your Cisk into the can so you can't add it to your keychain later

2. Eating a Twistee without realising it was the last one so you're left with only the bitter taste of remorse and longing 

3. Not fitting onto the Gozo ferry for just one car

4. Angelik.


5. The imminent sale of Serkin, everyone's favourite emergency pastizzi place/late night kikkra te provider/religious institution

6. The fact that Claudette Buttigieg has never used her MP privileges to burst into song in parliament

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7. Biting into that dodgy burger from one of the festa kiosks, knowing full well your colon will suffer the consequences tomorrow

8. Thinking about how you were out of the country and couldn't go to the launch of Stalko's latest album and how your hipster cred will never recover

9. No tables available at New York Best

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10. Schlepping all the way to your favourite secret beach and discovering it has been invaded by jellyfish

11. Getting sunburnt. After spending all of 20 minutes outdoors. In March.