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Malta Discusses Accepting Canadian Vaccine Certificate Following A Heart-Wrenching Story

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Following the heartbreaking story of a Canadian physician not being able to see his Maltese girlfriend since the start of COVID-19 due to travel restrictions, the Maltese health ministry is discussing the acceptance of the Canadian vaccine certificate.

The fact that Malta accepts the US vaccine certificates but not the Canadian ones, where the vaccination rate is nearing 80% and the cases are way lower, sparked controversy among those affected.

After a Canadian with a Maltese girlfriend shared his story with this newsroom, the health ministry has said they are in discussion with the Canadian authorities to be able to accept the Canadian vaccine certificate.

Another Canadian citizen, married to a Maltese citizen, argued that if Canada cannot expedite a proper certificate, Malta should review on a case by case basis. “Don’t ignore our desperate pleas to be with our loved ones,” she said. “We are not a threat.”

She had reached out to all levels of government in Canada and Malta in the hopes that she can find a resolution, but to no avail.

Her partner and she remained in Canada during the lockdown to be close to her children and obtained their Pfizer vaccine early on this year. “We diligently obtained both Pfizer vaccines early on this year as I am in healthcare in Canada, knowing we must return to Malta.”

They are currently in the final stages of building their home in Gozo, so they can take care of their in-laws who are in poor health. “We scheduled and paid for our return flight in the coming weeks, only to learn our vaccine proof is not recognized in Malta.”

“This is an issue that affects real people who have sacrificed so much through the pandemic only to be shot down despite doing our due diligence and getting vaccinated.”

The Maltese health ministry has not provided any further details on the discussions, and it is unclear when Malta will recognise the Canadian vaccine certificate.

Do you know anyone abroad who is struggling to come to Malta because their vaccine certificate isn’t accepted?

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