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Why Malta Is Getting A Bad Name In Brazil

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Malta is getting a bad name in Brazil thanks to a crazy gospel-singing politician who thinks gays are pedophiles with a fetish for shagging under windows. No seriously, this guy is batshit crazy and he’s polluting all the Malta searches on YouTube and Twitter. 

If you were to type ‘Malta’ into any of the big search engines, chances are you will have come across a baffling wall of results leading you to videos of political sittings and news articles in Portuguese, all leading to a certain ‘Magno Malta’. 

Who the hell is Magno Malta?

While bearing in mind that we’re largely basing our research on automated online translation here — the Portuguese wing of the Lovin Malta offices is only just being installed as we speak — from what we can glean off the interwebs, Magno Malta, born 1958, is a Senator of Brazil’s Espirito Santo region in the country, who also happens to be an evangelical pastor and gospel singer.

Yes, you read that right… 

But that’s not the worst of it

Let’s be real: everyone’s allowed a bit of singing in whatever genre during their spare time. I mean let’s face it, we have one a singing politician of our own, so the ‘Malta’ connection here doesn’t just stop at the name.

But there’s a darker side to the way Malta communes with the great God above. As it turns out, when he said he was evangelical he meant it, and this was brought out most memorably during a parliamentary discussion of Brazil’s Bill 122, an anti-discrimination bill which even seeks to include homosexual acts under its umbrella.

Alas, our Magno was having none of it. In a memorable diatribe — offered up in crisp translation this time, courtesy of Made in Brazil — broke down exactly why this piece of proposed legislation made him feel so uncomfortable.

(Homosexuals) may be having sex under your window, and you won’t be able to tell them that there are children around and that that is not appropriate behavior, because then it will be considered discrimination, and you may go to jail for it.

Magno Malta

Is That So Bitch Oh Really Gif

But then it gets better…

By approving this bill which states that we can no longer discriminate against homosexuality, we would be doing the equivalent of legalizing pedophilia. Bestiality may then also be considered a sexual option. Necrophilia may then also be considered a sexual option. Passing the bill would mean approving that kind of behavior and making it legal.

Magno Malta


Maltese anti-gay — and often ‘pro-life’ campaigners — may want to take note: this is how you do the ‘slippery slope’ argument with drama and aplomb.

Unsurprisingly, Magno Malta has vowed to back the equally conservative interim president Michael Temer in the upcoming Brazilian election, despite him having a corruption scandal hanging over his head.

“The corruption allegations will not stop us supporting Temer’s economic plan,” Malta told Reuters about Temer, who forms part of a conservative Christian political tier the media has dubbed the “beef, Bible and bullets” caucus.

“Temer is a Christian, who believes in family values and that God meant marriage to be between a man and a woman. Our agenda will move forward now.”

Well alright then.

So what do you think of Malta’s latest representative? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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