11 Items From Maltapark That Will Freak You Out (Or Totally Entice You)

Oh My Maltapark


Haunting your home doesn't have to break the bank - if you trawl deep enough into the depths of Maltapark, you're sure to find a cursed item that perfectly matches your tiles at a bargain price.

To get your creative juices flowing here are 11 must-see items listed on the site.

1. These defineltly-not-haunted dolls taking a nap

They're just resting their eyes. Why don't you lie down and rest yours... see what happens.

Lovin Cover 2

2. This porcelain statement piece

While it may be an eye-catching (if structurally useless) addition to any room, we're not sure a porcelain tower should be placed anywhere it can be walked into en route to a nighttime pee.

Lovin Cover

3. Just a box of 50 frozen chicks

Sure it's owl food, but really what's a freezer without a whole bunch of dead chicks in it?

Lovin Cover 3

Yes, we blurred this one because - no thanks.

4. This old LM10 bank note

Originally this actual antique would be worth €23.29, but this note is going for €25 - we're onto you and your sneaky ways.

Screen Shot 2018 05 15 At 13 26 53

5. This bathroom enhancer

If your sink doesn't look like the perfect home for Moaning Myrtle (the toilet ghost from Harry Potter), is your bathroom even complete?

Screen Shot 2018 05 15 At 13 29 19

6. These colourful antiques

We're not really sure what these items are, but we do know we need to see them in every room for a good splash of colour and the potential for an actual genie to pop out.

Screen Shot 2018 05 15 At 13 32 44

7. This self-titled art piece - 'Chair'

Where did the stain come from? How structurally sound is the whole thing? How has no one bought it for just €8?

So many unanswered questions, but that all just adds to the value of 'Chair'.

Lovin Cover 4

8. These dream kitchen assistants

If people tell you not to buy these statues because they look like they trap the souls of all the pigs killed to bring meat to your kitchen, don't listen to them. They're talking crazy... I hope.

Lovin Cover 6

9. This inappropriate AF mask

We don't mean to go full snowflake here, but this isn't the most culturally sensitive item to have in your home.

Lovin Cover 7

10. These 'hens party toys'

Sure, yes, absolutely. That is what I am buying them for. A hens party. Wow so much fun with my gal pals.

Lovin Cover 8

11. This nightmare

There are no words to describe this... but there are four numbers that do. Specifically the four numbers that make up my bank PIN as I rush to make sure I own this item and the spirit that is 100% present and trapped inside it.


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