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11 Things You Can Do To Make Sure You Stay Safe On Maltese Roads

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It’s no secret that driving in Malta is more often than not a very stressful affair. Narrow roads, rush hour, 25 roundabouts, a car for every single person on the island, traffic everywhere, and you’re probably already running late. It can be easy to get tempted to take a few not-so-safe shortcuts, or find yourself rushing and not really paying attention.

This obviously puts yourself and those around you in danger, and we don’t want that. Driving is a convenience to most, and a necessity to some, but it is a responsibility to all. It is something that needs to be taken seriously. With that in mind, here are 11 steps you can take to make sure you’re doing all you can to drive safely.

1. Stay focused and alert

Right, lets get this one out of the way. Driving requires your full attention, so you shouldn’t do anything that may compromise your ability to stay focused. So, don’t try to get something from the back seat or out of your bag while driving, don’t drive if you’re tired, don’t use your mobile while you’re driving, and don’t drive if you’re under the influence of anything that may affect your cognitive abilities. It sounds obvious, but it seems people still need reminding of this.

2. Follow the 3-second rule

Keep a minimum distance of three seconds between you and the car on front of you. This allows for a safe stopping distance in the case of a sudden brake.

3. Don’t expect other people to follow the rules

It sucks but people don’t always follow the rules. This goes for drivers as well as pedestrians. Be ready to find pedestrians crossing in unsafe places, speedy drivers running stop signs and confused drivers turning down one-way roads.

4. Slow the frick down

If you’re driving too fast, it will be difficult to manoeuvre the streets. Speed limits are there for a reason.

5. Keep your tyres inflated

This helps to optimise grip on roads, especially on wet roads, and ensures safe braking.

6. Wear sunglasses if it’s sunny

Being blinded by a bright ray of sunshine is a sure firewall to lose sight of the road in front of you.

7. Make sure your headlights are working

Especially if its dark or rainy. Driving with a broken headlight is not only illegal, but also dangerous because it decreases your visibility to other drivers.


They show people which way you’re going to turn and are very useful. Every car ever made in history has them.

9. Don’t drive until everyone is wearing a seat belt

Keep yourself and your passengers safe and secured inside your car.

10. Always check your mirrors and blind spot

You may think you know who or what is coming up behind you, but you can never be sure. Better safe than sorry!

11. Make sure you don’t run out of fuel

There is absolutely nothing scarier than driving down a main road, nowhere near an open petrol station, and that little ‘reserve’ light comes on. It’s important to make sure you are always driving with enough fuel to carry you through your journey. And,if you see that you are running low, make sure you plan a top-up stop!

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