18 Maltese Guys With Awesome Beards

They didn't choose the beard life...

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Along with rain, the official opening of Wine Bar Season, and the first signs of Christmastime, November is synonymous with Men's Health Awareness. Throughout the eleventh month, it's become tradition for men from all walks of life to partake in "Movember" by letting their facial hair grow for a good cause.

Far from a bandwagon charity trend, the most important part about Movember is to remind all men to look after themselves, to make a habit out of checking their bodies for abnormalities and to make regular visits to the doctor, especially if you think something might be up. 

Since old-skool barbering is seriously back in, Lovin Malta spoke to just a handful of full-time Maltese beard-growers for some inspirational words of wisdom. Here's what they had to say. 

Mel "il-Kilina" Aquilina 

"Seasons come and go, but beards are here to stay."

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Calvin "Balvin" Briffa 

"A beard is a journey not a destination- Aidan Micallef. Also, get your balls and prostate checked." 

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Mattew "L-Ors" Cardona 

"I like my women how I like my food...without another guy's beard in them."

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Shawn "il-Mor-i-sea" James 

"One might think that beards are a hipster thing..."

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Malcolm "Tal-Moda" Gauci 

"I'm no beard expert, but a well-kept beard can make your outfit look ten times better."

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Mario "Tal-Brakk" Vella 

"Healthy beards are the easiest way of ridding oneself of an impending double chin."

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Chris "il-Mudell" Grech 

"It just suits me I guess..."

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Sean "Tat-Tpinġija" Camilleri

"When I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I feel like a real man and it gives me a twinge down below."

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Christian "iċ-Ċiklist" Formosa 

"The beard is an accessory that a man should always wear."

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Clint "il-Ġgant" Cassar 

"There's a name for adults without beards – women."

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Zak "Minty" Mintoff

"It may be ginger but it still gets all the girls..."

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Martin "L-Artist" Gafa'

"There's no school like the old school." 

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Andrea "il-Layzar" Scicluna 

"Without a beard he's your boyfriend. With a beard he's your man."

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Owen "il-Ġugarell" Bonello

"I haven't shaved since I was sixteen...Without my beard I'd feel like a baby's ass."

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Tonio "Beard-o" Axisa 

"My passion is to turn weirdos to beard-os."


Matthew "il-Majju" Bugeja 

"Beards are serious business and need maintenance. They require products, frequent barbershop visits and ample stroking." 

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Robert "DJ Bob" Pisani 

"My beard is a thick facial jungle and needs constant care."

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Jean Paul "Barbuto" Mifsud 

"Natural is always best."

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