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13 Adorable Dogs You Can Adopt From Malta Right Now

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If you’re on the hunt for a new best friend, look no further. These 13 adorable dogs are all available for adoption from the Association for Abandoned Animals, the heroes who rescue dogs in Malta.

It’s also a perfect time to step in and adopt one of these cuties as the AAA faces a moment of uncertainty. The organisation, which houses more than 80 dogs, is fully dependent on donors and is currently in the process of finding a new premises which could cost more than €30,000 to refurbish. 

So without further ado, let’s meet the pack.


5 years old

Rescued from the streets, Rene has shaken his troubled past and is now the sweetest dog you will ever meet… although he hasn’t yet quite mastered the skill of hide and seek.

Img 3115


9 years young

Nunu was abandoned in a quarry and after his rehabilitation, he’s known as ‘the boss’. Nunu has requested to be homed in a family with no other dogs due to his slightly bent legs. He doesn’t want to be shown up in ball fetching competitions!

Screen Shot 2017 06 30 At 11 21 05


18 months old

Brian was abandoned, but that hasn’t held this little ball of energy back. Just look at those eyes. 

Img 3113


2 years old

Rescued from the streets, he boasts the shiniest coat you have ever seen. Need we say more?

Img 3179


18 months old

Left on a farm, new resident Milo is often found leaping around the yard, but on occasion he does like to experiment with his chimney imitation act.

Img 3132


3 years old

‘Love’ is Kimba’s middle name. Whether it’s her room, the volunteers, or anything she finds to play with, you name it, she loves it. And she’ll definitely love you too if you have a Kimba-sized hole in your heart.

Img 3120

Rebecca (Left) & Marcelline (Right)

Both 18 months old

First and second prize for the smiliest dog award goes to these two. We don’t need to say who came in first.

Img 3133


18 months old

Rebecca’s sister. Cute smiles (and floppy ears) clearly run in the family.

Img 3137


3 years old

Billy’s likes include being as close to you as humanly possible. This loyal little guy would beat your own shadow to be by your side if he could.

Img 3134


18 months old

Described by the volunteers as a ‘lovely boy’, what more could you possibly ask for?

Img 3135


9 years old

Poor Trixie has spent most of her life tied to a chain. Thankfully, she’s long forgotten her hardship and she longs for a home she can call her own. 

Screen Shot 2017 06 27 At 10 19 28


5 years old

This funny, water-loving guy spends most of his time taking part in one-sided water fights. Who knows what would happen if he was equipped with a super soaker?

Img 3139

If you think you have the love, space and more importantly, time for any of these well-deserving dogs then get in contact with AAA now. If not, tag and share so others can get the opportunity. Let’s find these guys a home. 

If you can’t adopt a dog but want to help anyway, here’s what else you can do:


Funding is the biggest issue. For the same price as a beer you could help make a difference to one of these dogs. Let’s call it your round. Send an SMS to:

5061 7350 to donate €2.33 
5061 8060 to donate €4.66
5061 8910 to donate €6.99 
5061 9200 to donate €11.65 

You can also donate by bank transfer

Account Number – MT HBMT 042 161794 050
IBAN – MT27MMEB44428000000042161794050
Address – HSBC Bank Malta PLC, Zabbar Branch

Or cheque addressed to AAA (send them your details so they can send you a receipt)


If you can’t manage a donation but you have some spare time then pop down to the sanctuary. Every little helps when there are normally only two volunteers looking after 80 dogs. Contact AAA on 79730921 or [email protected] to set an appointment.

Tag someone who loves dogs!

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