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19 Memes To Help You Get Over Yesterday’s Social Media Blackout

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Last night the world got to experience the blackout of all blackouts with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp leaving up to 2.7 billion worldwide users without their digital fidget spinners for around seven hours.

Large numbers quickly turned to other platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, or Signal. Still, people still found the time to create some delicious memes to find the humorous side of the blackout.

Here are some of the best out there:

1. Twitter were the first to join the wave of banter, as it welcomed newcomers joining over from Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.


2. McDonald’s also joined in, even taking food orders from Twitter, which ordered 59.6 million nuggets for those joining online.


3. Netflix compared the blackout to the Squid game.


4. There were reactions of those who didn’t know how to use Twitter.


5. Some even suggested that founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg should put Facebook in a bowl of rice.


6. Others really didn’t know what to do with themselves.



7. The survivors of the blackout.


8. Everyone heading over to Twitter.


9. The Edward Snowden reaction you didn’t know you needed.

10. The Nokia phone, that is still working even during a social media blackout.


11. The social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp being buried while Twitter watched.


12. Myspace’s chance to come back to life.


13. The one where Facebook and Instagram were on a break.


14. Others assumed Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp got eliminated in The Squid Game.


15. People shown enjoying Twitter while Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp burn behind.


16. One tweet showed some people actually got work done thanks to social media platforms being down.


17. The new possible reality to not having Instagram.


18. An inside look at what’s going on in the Twitter team.


19. Some thought their Wifi router was the problem.


Bonus:  Finally the meme that of course included Mr Bean.


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