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23 Thoughts Everyone Has When Browsing For A New Home In Malta

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your current space, looking for a new place can be a huge pain in the ass. Here are 23 things that always go through your mind while you’re browsing online listings.

1. “This place looks amazi… oh, it’s in Gozo”

2. “Oh my god this place is perfe… oh €500,000”

3. “I’ll buy this and just do it up bit by bit”

4. “I can convert a whole farmhouse on my own, right?”

5. “This place is definitely haunted”

6. “I can smell this room through my computer”

7. “Can I pay them to take their furniture with them?”

8. “Is this a house for ants?”

9. “The bank will definitely give me €50,000 if I smile a lot”

10. “What if there’s a better place and I’m just settling?”

11. “What if this is the perfect place and someone buys it tomorrow?” 

12. “Why can’t I filter by ‘not Gozo’ instead of ticking 50 towns?”

 13. “How am I supposed to understand these blurry plans?”

14. “There’s no way that’s a bedroom”

15. “OMG this place is amaz… oh, those are just renders”

16. “Perhaps I can learn to tile online?”

17. “I’m sure I can build a bed out of palettes”

18. *Opens new tab on IKEA*

18. “That’s cute, but way too close to my parent’s place”

20. “Why say three bedroom and only show photos of one?”

21. “We all know cosy means tiny”

22. “… and this room is where I’ll have all the house parties, and this is where little Thomas will play with our 12 puppies”

23. “No, I will not ‘call you’, answer messages like a normal person”

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