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6 Job Titles You Will Definitely See At The Malta Blockchain Summit… And What They Actually Mean

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The Malta Blockchain Summit finally kicked off today and is causing much excitement. Over 5,000 delegates, 300 exhibitors and 200 speakers have converged on our shores to discuss all things blockchain, tying in with a general push for Malta to become the Blockchain Island. Events have been cropping up everywhere, and people are getting psyched.

If you are attending the summit, the next two days will be chock-full with meetings, networking, stand-hopping, and partying. There will also be lots and lots of small talk, so you need to bring your A-game to dazzle that would-be client or investor. Problem is, you’ll have business cards being thrown at you from all angles, and some job titles will leave you with more questions than answers.

Fret not, for we at Lovin Malta have compiled a trusty glossary to help you navigate that expo floor and own it like a boss.*

Here are the six job titles you are guaranteed to come across over the next two days.

1. The Sherpa / Rockstar / Trailblazer / Ninja

You already know a sherpa, and probably work closely with a ninja. They are the poor souls who until recently went by that mundane and uninspiring term, ‘executive’. Expect to find dozens of the following: Business Development Ninja (business development executive), Digital Sherpa (digital executive), Social Media Trailblazer (social media executive), Marketing Rockstar (marketing executive).

2. The Evangelist / Advocate

This term has been around for a while. It basically refers to someone who’s very passionate about what they do, and wants you to be just as passionate. You will undoubtedly meet several blockchain and crypto evangelists over the next couple days. I for one am more of a Fried Chicken Evangelist.

3. The Digital Prophet / Futurist

The visionaries of the future, these types are forging the pathway of humanity. They are creating the future as we speak. They see the potential of technology, and actively envision its application in every day life. Expect to meet at least one person working on smart-frappucinos (note: www.frappucino.io is available as a domain).

4. The Career Enabler

Your future is in their hands. How you live the rest of your life relies on their abilities. They used to go by the term HR Manager, but that doesn’t do them justice.

5. The Data Detective

Officially, they are professionals employed to investigate data generated by a range of end points, devices, sensors and other sources to uncover business answers and recommendations. By night, they don trench-coats and walk around brooding as it rains.

6. The Chief Trust Officer

This position is especially important. The Chief Trust Officer ensures that a company holds the trust of its customers and the general public. Not to be confused with the other CTO position (Chief Technology Officer).

So there you have it; your guide to some types you will probably meet over the next couple days. Happy networking!

* Not an actual glossary.

Do you have any other interesting terms people should get to know? Let us know and tag someone who needs to check this list out!

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