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6 New, Reader-Recommended Places The Maltese Have Been Caught Having Sex

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Following our piece on places Maltese people have been caught having sex, our readers came to the rescue with a list of other places they’ve no doubt had a shot at trying to get funky in. 

Here are six other places which you can (as discreetly as possible) add to your personal list.

1. Armier

Armier is already beautiful as it is, what with its extensive views of the Mediterranean and it being one of the very few picnic areas on the island. 

If you really want to take things to a whole new (hotter) level, though, check out the beautiful Swimming Hole as the weather starts to get warmer. There’s something very poetic about doing it in a huge hole.

2. Calypso’s Cave

Legend has it that the ravishing goddess-queen Calypso had invited Ulysees inside this cave to provide him with princely attired, food, wine… and definitely some loving. Is there a better place in the entire world to relive a story about legendary lust? Definitely not. 

And that huge gaping hole makes for the best window ever, now with added wind for that extra necessary cuddling sesh.

3. Wied iż-Żurrieq

The Southwest of Malta has some of the most spectacular views, blending the countryside, the sea, and tiny (but absolutely gorgeous) Filfla. There’s a lot of things you can do with a backdrop like that, but one of them is definitely a no-brainer.

Bonus long, generally super-quiet, and at parts pitch-dark-at-night roads, for that extra encouragement you didn’t actually need.

4. The old Trade Fair Grounds

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Does anyone remember the annual Trade Fair in Naxxar? While the blue-lined building was the famous main entrance to the shopping event of the year, the huge parking lot in front is what many of us remember as kids… and apparently, it’s where some of us were conceived. 

5. Il-Ġnien tal-Għarusa, Mosta

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Guys, it’s called the Bride’s Public Garden (although għarusa can also be translated to ‘girlfriend’), of course there’s going to be some serenading going down on a quiet summer night. 

Situated on the outskirts of Mosta, il-Ġnien tal-Għarusa is one of those special places that are technically extremely central but are just far away enough from the hustle and bustle of the town centre to at least try and get away with some late night lovin’.

6. Manoel Island

… but you’d best be quick about this one, if the plans for the island which were recently released are anything to go by. 

Manoel Island still hosts a couple of cheeky places you can easily access by car, including a dimly light parking area surrounded by trees. But if you do somehow find yourself in the heart of the island, chances are you’re going to discover that someone’s been there before you… with the exact same intentions.

Tag someone who you think has tried out some of these places!

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