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6 Things Every Person Can Look Forward To In Malta This October

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Stuck in that annoying not-really-autumn-limbo, October in Malta is a weird month. Hot and sticky time-for-a-tan days mixed with the occasional flash downpour and raging thunderstorm; we’ve prepped a list of things for locals and tourists to look forward to this month.

1. Warm clothes

Don’t lie – you’ve been eyeing those hoodies and jackets hanging in your wardrobe ever since you decided you were over summer in July. You know, missing the feeling of wearing more than a thin layer and not losing half your body weight in sweat? We feel you.

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2. Sports, sports, sports

No more breaks on the sports train.

Finally, October put an end to any chance of stopping the sports hype. With football offering two games a week there’s something to look forward to almost every day of the week!

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3. Red Electrick concert

13th October at the Royal Opera House in Valletta

The talented Red Electrick band will be joined by a number of guests from different genres of music to rock your world. Support local talent, and boy are they talented.


4. Cold weather

Hell. Yes.

Picnics, long walks in the countryside, warm clothes (refer to point 1) – bring on those cosy nights indoors with your friends at your weekly scary movie night, or a snuggle with your loved one on the sofa under a thick LIDL blanket.

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5. Exercise goals

That fancy new promenade that just got done up with the cycle lane and pedestrianised walkway is looking mighty fine now that you don’t risk breaking out into a profuse pool of sweat the minute you step out the front door of your house.

Keeping in shape is no longer a chore – get with the programme people, exercise is good for you and October is here to nudge you along.

6. Notte Bianca

Don’t forget to say hi to Emma Muscat while you’re there!

The annual arts and culture celebration in Valletta. With local and international talented artists kicking off the night’s festival, followed by dance, film and theatre performances. Embrace your inner culture vulture, belt out I Need Somebody, and explore the wonders of our nation’s capital.


What else is great about October? Let us know below!

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