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7 Essential Apps You Need To Download Before You Visit Malta

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If you’re planning a trip to Malta soon, consider your year made. Malta is an epic place for a holiday for a million reasons, and you’ll soon be able to find them all out. 

Just so that we can make your trip that much easier and more fun, we’ve put together a handy list of apps that you should definitely think of downloading before you get to the rock. 

Here they come. 

1. Wolfram Sun Exposure (iOS)

Okay – this might not sound like the sexiest app out there, but it will save you a lot of sunburn-grief on your trip to Malta. It will help you figure out how long you can stay in the sun before you’re likely to burn, along with other useful features including sunrise and sunset times, current sun position, and weather forecast.

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2. Maltese Dictionary (Android & iOS)

Everyone in Malta speaks English, but you will come across some phrases that are pretty much impossible to translate. This awesome free app is aimed at keeping the Maltese language alive and accessible to everyone – because it’s nice to learn about the country’s mother tongue while you sip Cisk on the beach, right? 

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3. Splitwise (Android & iOS)

Malta is perfect for long, boozy lunches with friends. There are loads of amazing al fresco restaurants for you to spend hours wining and dining during warm summer nights. Splitwise will save you a headache and a half when it comes to calculating the bill. You can use it for any expenses and it does all the adding and dividing itself. Sweet!

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4. Tallinja (Android & iOS)

The Tallinja app by Malta Public Transport offers a simple, one-stop app for all your bus-catching needs. The app lets users plan their journey with the approximate time it will take to get to their destination, and shows when the next bus should arrive. Essential for all the island-traipsing you’ll be doing on your trip. 

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5. Tinder (Android & iOS)

Because it’s such a tiny island, the Maltese Tinder community loves to see new faces. Do us a solid and exercise your Tinder muscles during your stay. There’s nothing quite like a holiday romance!

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6. MCA Malta Free WiFi (Android)

When you’re out and about and you desperately need to get back to that group chat – a public WiFi hotspot could be your saviour. The MCA Malta Free WiFi app provides a free interactive map showing all the hotspots near you. Essential. 

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7. Which Beach (web)

Okay, this isn’t exactly an app, but it is completely vital to your stay in Malta. Which Beach will tell you what beach you need to be spending your day at according to the weather conditions – so that you don’t get anything but perfect beach conditions for the entire length of your stay. Yup, this is real. 

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BONUS: FreeHour (iOS & Android)

If you’re coming to Malta to study there is an app you absolutely won’t be able to live without. FreeHour is a timetable-sharing app was created by 18-year-old Uni student Zach Ciappara. It allows you to share your timetable with friends from different institutions in the islands – so no one is going to feel left out. 

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Tag someone you know needs this info before they come over to Malta!

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