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7 Maltese Localities You’ll Be Insanely Lucky To Find Parking In

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Parking. It’s the curse we take up for the convenience we tell ourselves we have the moment the sit in our car. Every day is a struggle in Malta; either the parking gods will bless you with the spot of your dreams and happiness and love will fill the world, or (99% of the team) you’ll be swearing every which way in every way you know whilst you turn the same corner for the 18th time looking for those sweet white boxes.

Here are seven places you’ll be very lucky to find a parking place. Every single time. Good luck getting PTSD behind the wheel.

1. Valletta

“Insa sieħbi”

It might be Malta’s capital city and Europe’s capital of culture, but it’s definitely not the capital of parking.

At any point during the day, just give up on going into the city to look for parking. If it’s in the morning, it’s because the locals would need to (justifiably so) park next to their houses while people who work there also park.

In the evenings, it’s because of the many events around the beautiful city.

There are fortunately enough parking outside the city (from car parks to side streets), but parking anywhere in the city is as tough as it gets.

If you’re confused as to all the different parking bay colours in the capital, here’s a quick guide.

Street And Cars Horizontal 2

2. Buġibba

“Dejjem mifqugħ nies Madonna”

Simply put, Buġibba is an awesome place.

Catering to the thousands of foreign visits as well as the locals, it’s by no means surprising that the town has a lot that attracts people from everywhere.

From its restaurants, beaches, party places to the bars, fast food joints, and night life entertainment, be warned; coming with your car and trying to get a bite from those awesome ice cream joints will not come without parking frustrations.

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3. Paceville


If you’re thinking that you’ll find a sniff of parking anywhere in the vicinity of Paceville, we’re here to tell you that you’re mistaken.

Technically, it’s always a nightmare. It doesn’t matter if you go at 7am or 11pm, a Tuesday morning or a Saturday night, forget it. Of course, having said that, a weekend night is the epitome of nightmares.

Find some change and use a car park. Your car will be safer, and your fuel tank happier for it. Not to mention you won’t want to kill someone before the night even starts.

Drinking In The Streets

4. Sliema

If Satan himself had to take care of the parking planning for a town, it would guaranteed not be as bad as Sliema.

On the outside, one would get the sense that there is a lot of parking, but one would be wrong. Oh so wrong.

Take your prayer beads and cry to keep cool from the heat, the traffic and sun will be your only company whilst you look for a parking spot. And once you do find parking, your adventure has only just begun; get ready to walk.

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5. Mosta

A huge city bang in the middle of the island, Mosta is easily one of the busiest towns in Malta.

With cars passing through it non stop throughout the day, it is to nobody’s surprise that much like other big cities in Malta, a big parking problem has surfaced.

With more calls for car parks and spaces to be handed out by the local council, maybe, just maybe, there is hope for finding an empty space in Mosta in the near future.

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6. Near most beaches

Maltese beaches are beautiful. Beautiful enough to attract thousands of foreigners, along with most of the local population. Who of course, all find obliged to use their own cars to get there.

Unfortunately, on the days you go to the beach, most of the country decides to turn up with you. Unless there’s a car park nearby, this usually means you’ll be parking far and walking in the heat. And if there is a car park, there’s a very big chance that even that will be full (which will only lead to more frustration).

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7. University of Malta

Last but definitely not least, the place that has acquired legendary status in its impossibility for students to find parking remotely close the campus. Seeing how empty the University of Malta car park and ring road are over the summer holidays will only enrage you further, as you mentally and physically prepare yourself for the struggle to restart on October.

There are no tricks we can offer you with this one; it all boils down to luck. Better buy a nice pair of running shoes for next scholastic year.

Actually; there is an interesting life hack you might want to consider… maybe try public transport every once in a while?


BONUS: Wherever there’s a party

If there’s a party at Uno, Cafe Del Mar, Gianpula, Aria or literally anywhere else on this island, then there is going to be a problem with parking.

Sometimes you may get lucky and the party you’re attending offers parking options, however usually that is either not the case or not even remotely enough.

Always think about getting there from before, and keep some spare change in the car just in case the inevitable parker pops up.

3531 Traffic

Is there a place we missed? Let us know below!

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