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7 Maltese Versions Of Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Family This Easter Sunday

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It seems we’ve been hit with a bout of not-perfect weather for the Easter weekend here in Malta. Most of you probably had some exciting picnic or outdoor event planned with your family, but I’m afraid that might be out the window thanks to the very strong winds making their way to the islands.

But it’s OK; even if you’re stuck inside, you can still celebrate the holiday in a traditionally Maltese way and have some fun too. Well, maybe not so traditional.

Here’s how.

1. Skrebbil

This one is really simple; a classic game of Scrabble, but you need to spell all the words in phonetic Malt-english. So its not ‘zoo’, its ‘zuw’. Its not ‘cat’, its ‘ket’. You get it.

2. A classic eating contest

Who can eat the most in a certain amount of time? Put out a tray of figolli and have at it.

It’s not like your family doesn’t engage in unofficial competitive eating at every gathering anyway.

3. Hajd and sijk

Just don’t turn up and see if anyone notices.

4. Xerejds

A normal game of charades, but you’re only allowed to act out something from the following categories;

– Maltese celebrities

– Maltese poltcians

– Pillars of Maltese culture (from food to literature and everything in between)

5. A swearing contest

There are two ways you can play this game, depending on what kind of family you have.

Either start a tally to see who can say the most swear-words throughout the day, or challenge your family members to a day of absolutely no swearing and see how long they last.

6. Muzikil Statjuws

Musical statues, but set only to Maltese songs that have entered the Eurovision. Time to camp up your family in the least outdoorsy way possible.

7. An alternative Easter egg hunt

Since you can’t hide Easter eggs in the field outside, why not opt for an indoor one? And this one has a twist – you get to keep anything you find! Found a €10 note while you were looking for your egg? It’s yours now.

Tag your family members to get them excited for Sunday

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