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7 Reasons All Maltese People Need To Get On Revolut

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The future isn’t all jetpacks and microwavable meals, it’s also something as simple as an online, mobile-based current account. Navigating the world of banking can get confusing for many, but Revolut, a revolutionary new way to send and receive cash is here to make it all as sleek and easy as possible.

Here’s seven reasons everyone should download the (free!) app right now.

1. It’ll put an end to the “you’re HSBC and I’m BOV drama”

No more stresses about transferring between banks, no more lack of synchronisation between apps. It’s time to heal the divide with an app that works for everyone and makes internal transfers so much quicker and easier.

2. It’s perfect for students

It’s simple and quick to use plus it’s entirely phone based, and let’s be real; we are all glued to our phones.

From quickly splitting bills with friends after a night out or a study lunch, to keeping track of where and how you spend your money (while having the option to set budget limits), Revolut is a must-download app for all students.

3. Travelling with the card is easy… with no nasty, surprise international fees

You can send and receive money from all across the globe in-app with no fee. And you can use your Revolut card while you travel, withdraw up to €200 a month with no fees whatsoever.

The Revolut card is also contactless, which you’ll quickly realise the benefit of as soon as you’re abroad for more than 10 minutes.

4. It’s so pretty and you know it

Everything from the app’s design to the actual, physical card is aesthetically pleasing, and if you pretend you don’t enjoy that you’re lying to yourself. It’s not a necessity, but it sure is nice to have in this day and age.

You know it’s a well-designed app when you almost have fun sending payments.

Revolut Card V2

5. Its ‘vaults’ are a genius way to save money you didn’t know you had

There’s a feature in the app that lets you ’round up’ every payment you make with your card and ‘keep the change’ in a virtual piggy bank. Mentally, we always round off a number like €13.76 to €14 – so saving all the change will stockpile a nice, unexpected sum at the end of the month, ready to be used for presents for others or personal splurges.

6. And payment requests cut out so much awkward

Everyone has that one friend who’s owed you €10 for those late-night nuggets back in Easter, but are too embarrassed to ask them for money again? Send them a payment request on Revolut, tell them why you’re requesting it and just let the app do the rest.

They can no longer pretend to be out of cash or complain about the complicated transfer system – it’s just one tap and you’re sorted.

7. And the analytics help you keep track of everything

How many times have you tried to budget but given up because it’s too complicated to keep track of anything more than ‘money in’ and ‘money out’. Well, Revoluthas cute little icons to help you see how you’re spending, where your money is going and what sellers you’re being on giving your cash too.

Tag a friend who’s been ignoring your requests for them to join Revolut

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