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7 Things All Maltese Mums Say That Equally Annoy Us And Make Us Love Them

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Ah Maltese mummies, they’re a special breed. A special, extremely overprotective and quite emotional breed. But we love them for those exact reasons, right?

Whether you’re a mother of a young child, the not-so-young child of a mother, or a grown-up child of an even more grown-up mother; you’re sure to have heard at least one of these phrases at some point in your life.

1. “Ejja put your shoes on and get in the car!”

Probably followed by “maaa we’re always late! Nanna’s going to be so angry”, even though you end up being the first to arrive for family lunch.

2. “Ara be careful! U ħu ġakketta!”

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to your friend’s house in the middle of August; shouting this phrase as your child walks out the door is a rite of passage for all Maltese mums.

3. “Kollox jien irrid nagħmel… kollox!

Just because you left your glass on the table. And you didn’t wash your plate. Or your clothes. And she has to cook for you… OK, maybe we’ll let her have this one.

4. “Your food is getting cold”

She shouts as it’s still inside the oven.

5. “Maaaa I need a holiday”

“Not with the kids imma ta’! Just me and my girlfriends. Tgħid we go to Sicily?”

6. “Am I talking to the wall?”

No, but that was the fifth time she asked you the exact same question and you’ve decided you’re not going to answer her again.

7. “Aqtagħha għax jiġi għalik il-man!

Who is the man and will he really come for me if I dirty the window accidentally on purpose?

Tag your mum and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day!

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