7 Ways To Beat Your Monday Blues In Malta

When quitting your job isn't an option


We'll save you the explanation about why Monday's suck so much. As you commute to work, the last thing you need is a reminder of said suckiness. But don't let Monday get you down. It's potentially the start of something big (and hopefully a good 'something big').

1. Plan a date for this week


Find a friend, family member, or that hot person you matched with on Tinder last week, and ask them for some one on one conversation later this week. It'll give you something to look forward to and start your day off with a bit of excitement.

2. Wear something new

Mirror Dance

You know you always have an extra pep in your step when you're wearing something new. It may seem like a "waste of a cute outfit" just to go to work, but if it makes you feel good, is it really a waste?

3. Map out your week

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It will help if you have specific activities to look forward to. And you'll be better prepared the next time Monday rolls around.

4. Go outside for your lunch break


Even if you're super busy, you can sneak out for five minutes and enjoy the feeling of non-artificial rays/air against your face. We live on an island, pale or not, your body needs them rays.

5. Bring something back for your colleagues


Coffees, a packet of cookies, a family pack of Twistees... anything really. Show them you appreciate their existence. If your Monday sucks, making someone's less shitty could help! Plus, there's now the potential for an office-cookies Monday tradition.

6. Clean your workspace


Don't use this as an excuse to procrastinate from your real work, but if you have a few seconds to spare, don't spend them staring into space hating on the universe for bringing you to this point. Clean your desk, organise your notes and make your workspace just that little bit happier.

7. Treat yourself

Treat Yo Self

This one's on you. Buy yourself a new book to read later tonight, free up an hour to run a bath, turn off your phone and just chill, grab some popcorn on your way home and hit Netflix hard. Whatever you do, don't go to sleep on Monday without having given yourself a nice treat.

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Chucky Bartolo

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