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7 White(ish) Lies Maltese Teens Tell Their Parents

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We’re all young once, and we’ve all been through it before. Going through our teenage years, being treated like kids, but being expected to act as adults is the worst

Sometimes, we had to stretch the truth to our parents, and that’s only something that intensified when you add Maltese people’s very Mediterranean way of over (or under) selling something. 

These are seven of our favourite white(ish) lies we may have told our parents. 

1. “I finished all my homework ages ago”

Hahaha, no you didn’t. 

You left it all till the last day. Just like you always do. Just like you always will do.

Why do it today if you can do it tomorrow right? It’s Sunday evening, and you’re stressing, with only a couple of hours to get your beauty sleep and finish your work. You’ve only got yourself to blame. 


2. “Everyone else is allowed out later than me!”

You just started going out alone with your friends. Your curfew is 11:30pm and that simply won’t do.  You plead your heart out day after day with your parents, telling them you’re always the first to leave, and all your friends stay out later. Oh poor you. 

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3. “I’ve never touched a cigarette”

We think it’s pretty safe to say everybody has at some point tried a cigarette in their life. You may have hated it, or you may have liked it and started a habit. But when your mother looks at you in the eye and asks if you’ve been smoking, you just can’t break her heart and say yes. 

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4. “I’m saving up all my money”

You got your first proper job, and of course your parents are all over your case to save up all your money. You’re young, enjoying your life and having fun going out. You’ll tell them you’re saving up, but come end of the month, your balance is left in cents. 


5. “It’s just going to be a relaxed night in”

No it’s not, and you know it.

You’ve packed a bag with a change of clothes and you know you’re going out. And you think that there is no need for you to alert mother or father. 

“We’re just going to be watching some series.” 


6. “It wasn’t me! It was *sibling*”

El classico.

Something happened in the house? Wasn’t me.
Someone broke something? Wasn’t me.
Any reason your parents can think about yelling at you? It. Was. Not. Me.

Point the finger at your sibling as you whisper sweet lies into your parents ears to avoid all blame.  

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7. “I’m just going to the cinema, maybe BayStreet after. But definitely not Paceville”

We’re not sure if this is just a generation thing, but this definitely used to be a cherry on the cake of lies.

Coincidentally, the cinema is situated close to Paceville, so ‘catching a late film’ could give the kids a couple of hours to see what’s what around the Paceville area. Rascals! 

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Do you remember using any of these on your parents? Tag someone who definitely will!

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